In this life, we are given a chance to do amazing.

What will you do with your chance?


In mid-2012, a close relative of Devin Anne Reyes received a cancer diagnosis. Wanting to do something, anything, that would matter to try and help her, Devin reached out to a few close friends. Each friend had her own unique and individual story of how cancer had impacted so many. Each wanted to do something. But what? The close relative's love of shopping, fun, friendship, family, paying things forward, and overall kindness to all inspired what became The Lonsdale Crawl.  


Each of the friends was involved in local community organizations. It was decided; while building awareness against the fight against cancer during October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a new mission evolved:


Get people together, shop locally, socialize, pink the town out, and raise funds for the fight on cancer.


Both store-front and independent and home-based vendors jumped at the chance and the first year was off to a great start. , The Lonsdale Crawl became a reality. Together all designed an evening out in Lonsdale.  Residents and businesses can get "their pink on", socialize, see what businesses have to offer, what the community has to offer, and what all of us together can "do" together to fight cancer. 


The Crawl's inspiration became a beautiful and brilliant angel one week before the first Crawl took place, less than three months from initial diagnosis. Her cancer journey was short compared to others, but her life and the way she lived it will be forever an inspiration. She is missed and loved and thought of daily.


In honor of her we raise our glass and say "Thank You for fighting and for inspiring, and for all the kindness you bestowed upon all who knew you, we will work to live life in the caring and loving manner you did." 




During the first year of the Lonsdale Crawl in 2012, 30 businesses got their "Pink On" with an estimated 400 people participating. During the 2013 Lonsdale Crawl, attendance doubled and funds that the second year tripled to over $2500. Those dollars were donated to Northfield's Breast Care Center. 

Throughout the first two years, Lonsdale's Economic Development Authority (EDA) was an amazing partner to the Crawl Crew donating both years to promote the event and the community.  In 2014, The Lonsdale Crawl 5K was added to the fun-filled weekend.  This annual event takes place on Saturday morning after the Thursday Crawl. This will be yet another day that businesses can partner and build more relationships within the community. 


In 2014 our platform evolved and we were pleased to announce our growing mission: Business Awareness, Community Awareness, and Cancer Awareness - these are the driving forces behind all things Lonsdale Crawl.




Throughout the past years of The Lonsdale Crawl, we have begun to develop long-term partnerships and relationships with not only our local community businesses and organizations but also learn and share about organizations that are truly gifted resources for families deep in the trenches of a cancer battle. 


2015-2016  we highlighted Gilda's Club of the Twin Cities and Priceless 4 Purpose . Both of these amazing organizations have unique and widespread support resources for those at any stage of their battle and their loved ones.


In 2017 we focused on our local community with support to various local organizations as well as Priceless 4 Purpose.  Thus began the next phase of the Crawl evolving to find ways to further be a good neighbor and community resource. 


In 2018 we launch the Lonsdale Crawl Care Box, an online resource for our community members to request support items for local cancer warriors. As well as adopting a youth activity room for those young people battling cancer.  Our continued support of Priceless 4 Purpose will remain a source for this year again. The Lonsdale Crawl donated to our local parks and as such has our own bench at Sticha Park, solidifying our commitment in just one small way to this Lonsdale community. 

2019 paves way for the continued support of Priceless for Purpose, gifting to pediatric ward family rooms, local events and organizations that are in the Lonsdale area, along with more initiatives. If you know a cancer warrior who could benefit from a weekend away at a quiet resort designed especially for brave cancer warriors, please go to our Crawl Care Box and send us a request. If you have a foundation that you are looking to share with more people and want to partner, we are always looking for ways to build more relationships. Thank you for being a part of our journey.


One person - can make an impact that is immeasurable. What will you do with your chance?


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