In this life, we are given a chance to do amazing.

What will you do with your chance?


The Lonsdale Crawl continuously seeks to expand our knowledge and the resources that we support and share. This year we will continue that growth minded focus. At this time, the following are the goals for Paying it Forward and support for this 2020 year. 

Priceless for Purpose, The Steve Bartlett Cancer Non Profit

Children's Hospital, United Saint Paul

Children's Hospital, Gillette's

Firefly Sisterhood

Gilda's Club Twin Cities

Lonsdale Crawl Care Box, supports Lonsdale & surrounding communities Cancer Warriors

Lonsdale Crawl Scholarships, Tri-City United and New Prague Schools (new for the SY 20-21)

Local (Lonsdale and surrounding communities) youth organizations that focus on growth of mind, body, and heart


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